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Our reputation for best-in-class customer service comes directly from our residents’ experiences. Prioritizing our residents and staying connected to their needs is how we remain a top-rated community in Dania Beach.

“It feels like a new home. My daughters and I fell in love with our new place. All the people were really amazing, too. I would recommend people to get a home here.”


  • “Still would rather be here than any other community in Hollywood – If I have an issue I receive help – both the leasing dept & maintenance are helpful.”

    – Lori B.

  • “Un lugar con potencial no bien aprovechado y que en definitiva que necesita mejorar para terminar de ser extraordinario pero como está normal”

    – Gleymer B.

  • “It’s been great living here! Everyone’s friendly and all the amenities are accessible and clean. Leasing office is also very helpful and friendly.”

    – Amylou W.

  • “Only issue some folks think that loud music is ok. but not for us who work midnights and have to sleep during the day. Of course it has been reported several times, but nothing published to inform . Besides that this is a great place to live”

    – Thomas K.

  • “Muy bueno para vivir, , bonito, buen pecio, buen vecindario, tranquilo cerca a la playa, supermercados, buen trafico y muy central. Lo recomiendo 100%”

    – Pedro T.

  • “Maintenance staff is amazing and reactive. Security is not existent, just honk at the gate and someone will open. The amenities are open to anyone coming from outside. The dog park is a disaster.”

    – Gioacchino M.

  • “Eric in the leasing office is absolutely amazing! He is always there, always has a smile on his face, is always helpful, goes above and beyond to make everything so easy and perfect, and will always brighten your day.”

    – Elizabeth B.

  • “Apartment is close to the beach, however our pool is being remolded so hopefully it will be spectacular and worth the wait. Fun activities for dogs. Wish the snacks at the clubhouse came back”

    – Shahla N.

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    – Prajwal S.

  • “Taken quite a bit to follow up on maintenance request regarding water damage from storm. The promised deadline was blown by more than a week and there were no updates meanwhile. Maintenance can be a drag. Otherwise, a great community.”

    – Ivan S.

  • “Used condoms found outside in the stare well. People park wherever they want, sidewalks, handicap spots, middle of the road. People flying through the community. Gate house is laughable, anyone can get in with “I live here” Water comes in through the walls. Then they raise your rent 200 bucks while your walking through soaked carpeting. Was wonderful when we first moved in but management is not enforcing any rules so everyone thinks they can do whatever they want.”

    – Thomas H.

  • “Overall the place is great. The complex is quiet, safe, and we love the proximity to the beach. There are few things though that I wish were not glossed over by upper management that I feel the residents would GREATLY appreciate. -The bugs ( “no-see ums”) are quite bad, especially at night. I wish the complex did some spraying, especially around the water areas to help mitigate that. -I wish we had community bike racks. I brought this up with an email to upper management, but I received no answer. -Parking enforcement is a major issue. There are a few people that I have noticed that have several vehicles that are not registered, and/or in non-operable condition. These vehicles take up several spaces in the lot, and do not leave much room for me if I come home late, let alone ONE guest. It is very inconsiderate, and these vehicles should be mandated to be registered with the complex. Otherwise, we very much like the spot, and we are hoping to have these issues remedied. Thank you!”

    – Mark M.

  • “Fantastic location, layout, maintenance/leasing staff. Unfortunately having part of the complex be strictly BNB makes permanent residents subject to living among tourists who don’t treat the area tenants call home with any respect. They are on vacation after all, what do they care? It is very frustrating to have to live among transient tourist who clutter the fitness center, pool area and have NO idea how to enter the facility thereby causing backups when PERMANENT residents try to come home.”

    – Andrew Z.

  • “Lots of update we will see how the pool.looks.like, they added tech fees but don’t know for what. Wish we could use the clubhouse for parties.”

    – Victoria S.

  • “Happy with the facilities, location, but not happy with the lack of bike racks and pools often being closed. The new monthly amenity fee meant a near 20% increase in rent when we renewed and management is not at all flexible.”

    – Emily G.

  • “Overall not bad. I do feel like we are now nickel and dimed for everything. Which wasn’t the case when I moved in. Renovations are finally happening in the complex. Which I was told would be happening over a year ago. Staff are friendly and neighborhood is safe.”

    – Maria N.

  • “You are trying to charge us $20/month of renter’s insurance when we already obtained our own insurance that covers all needed items. It is not our fault that you did not update your records in time. Fix it!”

    – Rohit D.

  • “It’s a place that you would love to reside. Very quiet. It is close to the beach and has lovely scenery. Well maintained. Maintenance adheres to your needs and responds to your request promptly.you feel safe here and if you have pets it is pet friendly that I notice./”

    – Sabrina B.

  • “Definitely this apartment community is becoming my favorite! Great prople around every request that I made is being taking care immediately. Very close to the Beach which I love; and tons of restaurants and places to go. Great Location.. And last but not least, the amazing staff, simply 5 Stars.”

    – Maria R.

  • “So exciting for renovation pool and grill area. This complex is so beautiful, nice area, close to stores, beach. Office organize good events for dog owners what I love it.”

    – Martina S.

  • “I’ve lived here over a year now and it’s mostly been great! There have been some issues with maintenance in the unit but nothing bad. The location and facilities are amazing.”

    – Sarah H.

  • “This vommunity and Apt is fabulous, we are very grateful, Thanks SOC our Home. The Maintenance personal is very Kind, and capable to handly issues. At the Office Too, especially Erick and Camila Thanks So Much”

    – Semary S.

  • “1. We have had mold issues due to AC system failures due to wire issues from maintenance crew so it’s tough for us to love it. 2. The wild cats and ducks crapping all over the walk ways is unexceptable. The wild raccoons that destroy the dumpsters is quite nasty, the trash will stay on the ground for days and food is all over the grounds with the trash bags from them. 3. There are a lot of areas that should be grass and its dirt we feel that the grounds and units could be brought up to better standards after they have made money now for over 30 years.”

    – Dana F.

  • “Great place to live. I feel safe and they stay on top of maintenance issues. My only complaint is the pigeon that has decided to roost on my patio and poops everywhere.”

    – Sara B.

  • “Great place to live! There are so many things about this place. My oh my. What a wonderful esperience. Everything is awesome. What more can I say? This apartment is neat!”

    – Laura R.

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