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Our reputation for best-in-class customer service comes directly from our residents’ experiences. Prioritizing our residents and staying connected to their needs is how we remain a top-rated community in Dania Beach.

“It feels like a new home. My daughters and I fell in love with our new place. All the people were really amazing, too. I would recommend people to get a home here.”


  • “My 5 months of experience in Sheridan Ocean Club Apts are all good. Anytime I needed maintenance service it was taken care of the next day if not the same day. Pool and gym is always available, clean and secure. The lanscape is taken care of periodically . I am happy and I think this complex is managed well.”

    – Ufuk E.

  • “This is one of the most low key laid back apartment communities ive lived in. Super pet friendly. Great landscaping and views. Close to the beach and the staff is awesome.”

    – Joelle S.

  • “Great neighborhood and location! I love that we can walk to the beach and the management staff is incredibly friendly and quick to help! We are looking forward to living here a few years.”

    – Claire F.

  • “Quiero expresar mi sincero reconocimiento a la administracion por el excelente mantenimiento de los edificios, áreas verdes y espacios comunes. Es impresionante ver cómo se ha mantenido la belleza y funcionalidad de estos lugares. Cada vez que camino por los jardines y las áreas de recreación, puedo percibir el cuidado y la dedicación que se han puesto en su conservación. El equipo encargado ha hecho un trabajo excepcional al mantener todo en perfecto estado, lo que demuestra un compromiso admirable hacia la comunidad. Este nivel de atención y detalle no pasa desapercibido y merece ser reconocido. Gracias por hacer de nuestro condominio un lugar agradable y acogedor para todos.”

    – Vladimir Z.

  • “these apartments are great. Great maintenance team. The price is a little high for outdated interiors but overall nice. This is a dog friendly neighborhood, which is amazing.”

    – Mouricesa M.

  • “Sheridan Ocean Club is very nice & clean. All of the areas are kept very well. The grounds are kept up very well. The office staff is stunning. I would like to see them get rid of the stray cats or atleast have them caught once a 1/4 and have them get there flea spray and shots as this is a pet friendly complex.”

    – Dana F.

  • “Plenty of outdoor activities, kind neighbors, and beautifully maintained landscaping make this a great place to live. The staff are attentive and kind, always ready to help.”

    – Meghan T.

  • “Moved in a month ago.. so far I love it. The staff. The community. I’ve had to call maintenance, they were quick to come & helpful. The gym is tiny, but has everything u need really.”

    – Patricia G.

  • “I really enjoy living in this apartment complex due to the location- right near the beach, parks, grocery stores, and plenty of restaurants. Apartments are nice and maintenance does a good job. One negative- they recently turned multiple buildings into hotels near one of the pools which has caused the pool area/grills to be left in bad condition often and police are constantly here for issues at these buildings. They are continuing to turn more buildings into hotels which will be a negative for this community.”

    – William H.

  • “My experience has been lovely. I enjoy the quiet neighborhood and being so close to the beach and downtown. My apartment is very nice. Looking forward to more resident events!”

    – Katy W.

  • “Only reason that i rent here is because it’s close to work. It’s usually difficult to get someone to answer the phone when you call the leasing office. There are a lot of cars taking up spots that are non-working and the handicap parking spaces are not enforced. Business center does not have computers.”

    – Paula B.

  • “One week behind. So far everything has been really good, peaceful and quiet. Love the apartment. Staff is very nice and helpful. Strongly recommend👍”

    – Olli V.

  • “Nice people, wonderful place geographically and physically. People here are friendly and helpful. The location is superb. So convenient to many good businesses, parks, beach and roads, as well as the airport”

    – Patrick D.

  • “Dog park need to be redone completely, storm drain are not working, gate always open, security non existent at entrance. Tennis court closed for the past 3 years.”

    – Gioacchino M.

  • “Sheridan has been the perfect balance of everything I wanted in an apartment complex. I’m so grateful to have moved in here. Definitely planning to renew my lease”

    – Lianne S.

  • “Como muchas veces lo he dicho es un buen lugar pero necesita más aprecio del personal que laboran en el son muy muy pocos los que hacen un buen trabajo los demás trabajan por solo obligación el tema de la seguridad cada día está peor pero definitivamente el control de la entrada y salida del lugar no es de menos cero los portones abren y cierran como si nada las personas pasan y hasta entran a la piscina y ni viven aquí ni hablar de los carros ajenos a la comunidad”

    – Yasneth I.

  • “Maintenance standards became sub-par recently. I’ve brought up a problem with a bathtub a few months ago – to the maintenance crew and to the management, no resolution yet. The A/C has been cleaned couple times already – still leaking.”

    – Ivan S.

  • “Lived here for 9 months now and I would recommend this community to all. This community offers a great location, polite neighbors, and a very dog-friendly community. We enjoy all the entertainment there is around us and love how we don’t need to travel too far to have a good time!”

    – Yasmin P.

  • “I Moved in January, so 5 Months invested and I can say I have been enjoying the Proximity to the Beach, the community is Quiet, Clean, A wonderful Place to Live!!”

    – Michael J.

  • “I had a wonderful experience staying at the Sheridan ocean club Apartments. The unit was spacious and modern, with plenty of natural light. The building amenities were also great – I loved using the fitness center and the pool. The location was fantastic – just a short walk from the beach and restaurants, The staff was always helpful and friendly, and I appreciated the extra measures they took to maintain a clean and safe environment during the pandemic. Overall, I highly recommend the for anyone looking for a stylish and convenient place to stay in Dania beach.”

    – Monica V.

  • “Always comfortable living here. The landscaping is well maintained and makes it enjoyable to be outdoors. Attentive to community needs a with great amenities.”

    – Stacy F.

  • “I usually give the same review – like living here – like amenities – a few issues with neighbors buts that’s everywhere. I don’t like the way people drive in the community – the roads are narrow & there are a lot of cars & delivery vehicles & people drive like there on the open road – I have been in a few close calls – I wish there was a way to help with that before someone gets hurt. Also, a recycling bin would be great.”

    – Lori B.

  • “I love the location since I love exercise, it’s a quick walk to West Lake or Ann Kolb parks or the beach. The community is also big enough to stroll around each section.”

    – Arnold R.

  • “This place is nice for three reasons: 1) the location. It is near the beach and also I-95, and there is a publix, Walgreens and Walmart within walking distance 2) the floor plans. These are modern, open living spaces and the sizes of the closets are large 3) the landscaping”

    – Laura R.

  • “Good morning , this place always makes me feel like i am on vacation …. Silence and peace along the complex , amenities are great … walking distance to the beach … maintenance team A 1 , office team on point … like new manager , ( only thing i am only asking is one reserve space for each apt , i believe we all deserve one , not a hard thing to do ) thank you …… 🐬🌴”

    – Francisco R.

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