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Our reputation for best-in-class customer service comes directly from our residents’ experiences. Prioritizing our residents and staying connected to their needs is how we remain a top-rated community in Dania Beach.

“It feels like a new home. My daughters and I fell in love with our new place. All the people were really amazing, too. I would recommend people to get a home here.”


  • “Great proximity to the beach, but management and security could do a significantly better job. Management lets people park several non-operational vehicles in the parking lot, which overcrowds the lot. Security never patrols, and half of the time they leave the gate wide open letting anyone and everyone come and go as they please without any accountability. If the location wasn’t so close to the ocean, I would never recommend this place. The bright side is that almost all of these issues could be solved if management and security actually did their jobs well.”

    – Mark M.

  • “Everything has been great. I like that maintenance request are easy and get resolved within a day. I see the landscaping crew working hard every day to keep the outside areas looking nice.”

    – Chelsea J.

  • “Place everything very important and quality in service. For more conform to residents. And guests. Pool and gym clean.plant trees. Beautiful.”

    – Joao N.

  • “Fantastic staff, grounds, amenities but unfortunately not enough done to manage a new wave of degenerate tenants who refuse to leash or clean up after their dogs. Obnoxiously loud music and speeding cars are prevalent throughout the complex. No enforcement of either.”

    – Andrew Z.

  • “The most convenient, dog friendly neighborhood that I’ve lived in in South Florida! Staff is great, easy to communicate with! The Amazon locker is a great amenity too!”

    – Claire F.

  • “I love my apartment here at Sheridan Ocean Club! Everyone in the leasing office is so great. Mike, Erick, Gretel, Marielena, Camila and Rob have made it amazing being a resident here”

    – Michael C.

  • “Love living here! The events are every month and it is super pet friendly, office team is amazing and so is maintenance. Community living at its finest”

    – Gretel T.

  • “Living in Sheridan Ocean Club has been a great experience!! Everyone in the leasing office, maintenance, and pest control team has been extremely helpful and efficient. The community has been great, and they have been putting together more events and food trucks which is great. My only cons about living here would be that there seems to be persistent issues with the gate at the entrance, and that the pool/tennis court reconstruction has taken far longer than originally expected.”

    – Amanda T.

  • “So far so great . The staff is professional and very informative. They made our move easy. I love everything about ocean view Sheridan. They took time to explain the whole process and were able to walk me through very fast. Thank you”

    – Thomas D.

  • “Clean and quiet neighborhood. Have loved living here for the past 16 months. Any issues are quickly resolved with maintenance. Great location too”

    – Andrea C.

  • “Great complex! I really like everything. Only one minus – very small washers and dryers. Very helpful staff. Maintain cleanliness and order.”

    – Sergei D.

  • “Eric from the leasing office and Luis from the maintenance staff are just some of the reviews I like to live here! They are so helpful, accommodating and always available. The neighborhood is nice, taken care of, and pretty much quiet. They host events for residents and ensure the safety all of guests as well! Personally it’s been my favorite community to live in so far! My neighbors are wonderful and understanding, also very friendly and helpful! The pools and gym are up to par. Definitely, family friendly!”

    – Dianna P.

  • “Great place to live because of the location, the amenities, the price, the parking, the community, and the safety. There are a lot of iguanas by the lake and lots of birds.”

    – Laura R.

  • “So excited saw progress at pool area. Palm trees arriving , grill area almost done, tennis court done. I can’t wait to see when is all done and I can enjoy relax in our beautiful community.”

    – Martina S.

  • “We really enjoy living here so far– we feel safe, everyone has been so kind so far… only problems we’ve found is the lack of closet/storage space and the BUGS outside are so bad. We’re constantly covered in bites.”

    – Kyra S.

  • “I love it so far! It’s quiet, clean, lovely, well landscaped, peaceful, nice neighbors, etc. There are community events sometimes and lots to do nearby.”

    – Heather H.

  • “I’ve only been here three days, but any requests/concerns have been addressed immediately 😊 I’ve met a few neighbors and everyone has been helpful and polite.”

    – Cristina N.

  • “Someone keeps spilling/dumping kitty litter outside my staircase on the sidewalk and doesn’t clean it up for a few days to where it gets wet and clumps. Is there not the same repercussions as there are for dog owners leaving pet waste outside. It’s happened 2-3 times now.”

    – Maria N.

  • “I have a feeling there are people entering this “gated community” that do not even live here because many times the gate just stays open and/or cars tailgate residents with actual bar codes that do live here.”

    – Marvin O.

  • “Security at the entrance is a joke. Dog park is not taken care of. On the other side management has good communication and maintenance is responsive.”

    – Gioacchino M.

  • “I have been living for a few weeks now at the sheridan ocean club and so far there have been no issues. Marielena at leasing is super helpful with any issues and the property is very nice. The only issue is at night there are a lot of bugs.”

    – Mathias B.

  • “We love Sheridan Ocean Club so far…The only issue we’ve run into so far is the NoSeeUms eating us UP! Otherwise, we really enjoy it so far!”

    – Timothy W.

  • “Location is everything, and you can’t beat being able to walk to the beach. However, unfortunately over time, management has proven to not handle ongoing issues, which has been frustrating. It is sometimes very difficult to find a parking spot after working a 13 hour shift and getting home at 10pm because residents are allowed to park more than the allotted number of registered vehicles. Additionally, some other residents are extremely loud and disrespectful of others living around them, and it is very easy to hear through walls and ceilings. With prices to rent being this high, these inconveniences really affect the living experience here.”

    – Jordan G.

  • “Good amenities can’t wait to see how the main pool area turned out. Wish the clubhouse area could be rented.maybe in the future they will be able to Rrange this”

    – Victoria S.

  • “Good place to live, attentive staff and good amenities. I would recommend living here. The neighborhood is quiet and very clean. They also do weekly activities to get the community together.”

    – Amylou W.

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